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Music is what I do, but it is my imagination that allows me to turn ordinary music into something spectacular.


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Gregory Warren Blunt is an American composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, and trumpet player. He has composed, arranged, and produced music for short films, video games, orchestras, bands, corporate promotional videos, solo works, religious works, online classroom videos, and much more. He has participated in the Research and Creative Works Conference where he won 3rd place in the creative works section, and entered in several composition competitions such as the 2013 Idaho Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra Composition Competition, BYU-Idaho’s Annual Hymn Festival (2012-2015), and many Aria Competitions.


Born and raised in the Sacramento area of California, Gregory learned to play the trumpet at age 11. He joined marching band, concert band, and jazz band in high school and decided to major in trumpet performance in college. While taking a music theory class at a community college, he realized that he loved theory and decided to become a composer.  In 2012, he transferred to Brigham Young University-Idaho. In the summer of 2015, he received instruction from film composer Hummie Mann at Sundance Film Music Festival. In 2016, he received a Bachelor of Musical Arts with an emphasis in composition and a super-cluster in film. In 2019, Gregory received a Master of Music with emphasis in Film Scoring at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program receiving one on one lessons with two-time Emmy Award-winning film composer Hummie Mann.


While gaining an education in music composition, Gregory has worked on several student films and projects outside of assigned schoolwork. He recorded audio for The Haunted Swing, and composed music for the short film Honor Amongst Thieves. He has also worked for CurrDev Media composing music, editing audio and music, and recording music and audio. Gregory has participated in the 2017 Global Game Jam designing sound effects and composing music for video games. He looks forward to composing for films, commercials, television, bands, and whatever else that may need music.



Music, Composition, Conducting, Education, Media, Project Collaboration and more. 

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